Almogàvers 102 Social Housing


This social housing building re-interprets the Eixample chamfer to provide natural cross ventilation and direct sunlight to all the units.

Volumetric arrangement:
The aim to obtaining is that all the housings enjoy a minimum of 3 h solar direct radiation every day of the year. From the volume of variable heights of the PMU, of ground floor +4, and from 30 m of depth there is extracted to 7 a central court of 6m of width, the corner vacates and remove partially 3 levels to the SE front.

The central court turns into the structuring element of the accesses to places and cores of stairs. That pair off of 2 in 2 across exterior corridors in the first levels and become free in the superiors allowing to organize in this way the different typologies. The court also will connect with the new green adjacent space.

The housings:
We understand the flexibility tied to the adaptability of the housings to different uses along the time. To arrange the structure going in the fixed elements of the building so that they do not interfere in the elements of division, and to group the services in compact cores inside every unit they will allow the possible adjustment.
Almogàvers 102 Social Housing   In collaboration with SiO2arch

Project duration: 2006-2010
Promotor: Cooperativa POR FONT
Type: Social Housing
Dwellings: 102
Area: 10.700 m2
Budget: 8,8 M €
Site: Barcelona, Spain
Awards: Open Competition, First Prize
Design team: Juan Gándara, Carla Mateu and Jordi Ribó
Collaborators: Alpha Enginyeria del Vallès (MEP), BIS Arquitectes David Garcia (structures), Bima & Partners (quantity surveyor
Constructor: OHL, Obrascon Huarte Lain
Photography: José Hevia