Beta Bench


This urban furniture design is conceived as an open system that can work as an isolated bench, a composed bench, a boundary, a retaining wall or a planter.

This bench was initially developed for the UPF recreational area project but was conceived as a project inside a project. The bench was projected as a piece of modular industrial urban furniture that could have different uses (isolated bench, retaining wall, planter) depending on how the modules were assembled together. The system is integrated by two pieces having the same geometry but different lengths and, as a kind of simplified LEGO or TANGRAM, can be organized in many different ways. The bench is manufactured and commercialized by MATA industries.
Beta Bench
In collaboration with SiO2arch

Project duration: 2010
Type: Urban furniture
Site: Barcelona, Spain
Awards: Premis DELTA 2011, Selected project
Design team: Vasilis Ntovros
Manufacturer: magourban
Photography: José Hevia