Esporles Patio House

Occupying a steep plot in a typical garden-city suburban fabric, this house takes advantage of the site conditions to transform a classic patio house typology into a continuous space that connects the two levels by merging the garden and the indoor domestic space.

The house is located in a new residential area facing the historical village of Esporles. Urban regulations for this new residential area establish 3m setback form each side of the plot, which slopes down to the north having a 3m difference from south side to north side. Views strictly follow the axis south (mountain and sun) north (old village). East and west will have very close neighbours.

The proposal is the result of placing a classic 1 level central patio house typology on a 45-degree slope. The patio is opened to the south side to maximize sun insulation and views. The typical “O” plan layout is completed by extending the living room pavement to connect with the master bedroom trough the patio. The garden is a continuous surface that slopes down from south to north crossing the house. House and garden intersect in that interior-exterior space that becomes the core of and the environmental regulator for both of them by providing double orientation and crossed ventilation for all the house spaces and a fresh air corridor that cools the north porch (under the studio area) during the hottest summer days.
Esporles Patio House In collaboration with SiO2arch

Project duration: 2010-2011
Promotor: Private
Type: Housing
Area: 250 m2
Budget: 0,3 M €
Site: Esporles-Mallorca, Illes Balears
Design team: Elena Guinjoan, Jordi Ribó and Oriol Vives
Collaborators: Manuel Arguijo (structures) and Cristophe Bana (quantity surveyor)
Constructor: Cejoysa 
Photography: José Hevia