Interactive Mosaic


Created to commemorate Gaudi’s year at Palau Robert’s lobby, this project is an interactive suspended ceiling that changes its form and speed depend on the visitor’s density and activity.

This installation was developed for the commemoration of 150th anniversary of Gaudi’s birth and was located at the lobby of Palau Robert, which was the central information centre during Gaudi’s year.

proposal dived in the idea of setting the conditions to generating indeterminacy and tendency rather that determining the result of design.

interactive flexible ceiling had 8 contr ol points commanded by an automate that received processed information from three sensors placed at the three acess points of the lobby. The ceiling tended to adopt certain forms at variable speed depending on the amount and movement of people present. The automat received new information every 60 seconds and drove control point to a new routine starting form a different initial state every time. Although its form and movement was never exactly the same, its behaviour was recognizable as tending to acquire a certain geometry depending on the dynamics generated in the lobby.
Interactive Mosaic  
In collaboration with SiO2arch

Project duration: 2002
Promotor: Palau Robert
Type: Installation
Area: 20 m2
Site: Barcelona, Spain