Son Dureta Senior Home

construction in progress


This public senior home limiting with Palma’s largest park extends the forest inside it and generates many flexible small communities by developing a multiple cloister building typology.

The long-stay health care complex of Son Dureta is immersed in a process of integral transformation that will lead to the demolition of the old hospital and the construction of a new one. The adjoining buildings will remain in the place where they are but due to their low height does not generate a considerable impact in the plot.

We propose an extensive building, which through a series of courtyards generates outdoor spaces and integrates the forest in its interior. This approach will allow to intensify the relationship with the forest, integrating it within the building itself, taking advantage of the trees to improve its bioclimatic  and maximizing the thermic comfort with a minimum energetic impact.
Son Dureta Senior Home

Project duration: 2019 – Under Construction
Promotor: Consorci de Recursos Sociosanitaris i Assistencials de les Illes Balears
Type: Public facility
Area: 5.900 m2
Residents: 120
Budget: 8,5 M €
Site: Palma de Mallorca - Mallorca, Spain
Certified: A (CTE)
Design team: Gonzalo Martín, Adrián López, Paula Domènech, Nuria Fors, Marcos Gómara, Laura Gómez and Miquel Ramon
Collaborators: Oriol Vidal Enginyeria (MEP), Manuel Arguijo y Asociados (structures), MVA (structures), Societat Orgànica (environmental consulting), Atis – Xavier Solà (quantity surveyor), I2A (acoustics) and Pere Bennàssar (landscape)
Constructor: Levantina Ingeniería y Construcción