UPF Renovation Villena

This partial refurbishment at the UPF social sciences and humanities Campus uses a minimum amount of CNC fabricated elements to transform the spaces, integrate the MEP systems and provide acoustic comfort.

After developing the UPF Campus strategic plan, this project is the 1st phase of development, which consisted on recovering out of use spaces in the Roger de Lluria historical building to increase the number of classrooms and polyvalent spaces.

The proposal consisted on designing partition and ceiling devices that would integrate the MEP systems an provide acoustic comfort to all spaces while having total geometric and material autonomy regarding the original building. This is the first project where we used CAD_CAM technology to design and fabricate the wall and ceiling acoustic panels.
UPF Renovation Villena
In collaboration with SiO2arch

Project duration: 2007-2008
Promotor: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Type: Educational
Area: 1.200 m2
Budget: 0,5 M €
Site: Barcelona, Spain
Design team: Juan Gándara and Jordi Ribó
Collaborators: AIA Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques (MEP)
Constructor: TRAM J.Hierro Associats
Photography: José Hevia